The Art of Greatness, Wimbledon


All greatness is fleeting. Transient. You have to earn it every day, to keep it alive. Maybe that is why greatness is represented by something as fragile, as ephemeral, as a flower: the beauty alive, lasting only a short period of time, condemned to disappear.

The idea of using this metaphor to represent the greatness in sport, through a work of art that combines design and nature was the starting point we got from MacCann London as a follow up of their project for Wimbledon : tennis on an english garden, based on the work of the gardeners of Wimbledon Club.The idea was to create an artwork built from the blooming of flowers. A delicate design lasting for only a short period of time, but needing a long process to develop: a portrait made of flowers for the former Wimbledon champs Muguruza and Federer.

Our approach was to create a cinematic project: a film that evolves, showcasing not only the final view of the installation, but all that it takes for the flowers to bloom, and all the design and work behind the installation that made it possible. It is a film about the passing of time, the process and the effort that greatness needs to become real. That is why we use timelapses and robotic lighting to create this visual metaphor: a journey that shows the greatness through the creation of beauty in a live installation.




Espadaysantacruz Studio


1st Avenue Machine London +


MacCann London

Flower Artist

Isabel Marías (Elisabeth Blumen)

Illustration design and concept artist

Beatriz Ramo, Naranjalidad

DOP live action

Rafael Reparaz

DOP time lapses

Tulio Ferreira


Envy London

Special Thanks

Universal Robots