Flora Festival


In the first edition of FLORA, the International Flower Festival, eight of the world’s top floral artists reinterpreted, with their stunning installations, eight institutional courtyards in Córdoba. An artistic and social event that received 344,000 visitors in 10 days.

Isabel Marías recreates her personal idea of paradise, far from the classic garden: a dreamlike garden of extraterrestrial inspiration with nods to Fauvism. The power of beauty taken to its utmost extreme (isn’t that what a flower is, after all?). A visual feast. The realm of the senses. The glassed patio of the Bullfighting Museum momentarily reminds us of those old lanterns of flowers that decorate the dreams of the most nostalgic. An invitation to daydream that we know where it begins, but not how far it can take us: to another planet, most likely.